Keep building traffic - you won't regret it! My $330 day


For all you new-ish bloggers out there that are wondering if you’ll EVER make money doing this blogging thing, keep writing, keep offering freebies to your readers, keep giving product away. Basically, do everything you can to continually grow your reader-base each and every month.

It’s totally worth it.

I’ve been blogging for 7.5 years. I’ve made okay money, but not great money and I still have a ton to learn. But you know what? Sometimes when you do enough good stuff and build up enough traffic to get some high-quality partners, things might just take off.

I wrote a post 2 years ago that is just now catching on like wild-fire. Yesterday, I had 12,000 people check it out and it earned me $330…in just one day.

This isn’t going to last forever (it caught a FB wave somehow), but at least it’s showing me what’s possible in this crazy blog world.

This quick blurb isn’t about me. It’s for you. The money is real and absolutely everyone has a fair shot at it. Don’t give up!!!



Exciting! Congrats. Which post of yours is it?


Awesome! Happy for you!!!


Fantastic, Derek!


Share that post with us. I will be the 12,001th person:) Honestly, I have noticed in my couple short months that posts I write are still being looked at long after I’ve forgotten about them. It makes me want to go back and work to make the old posts better. Congratulations and I appreciate the motivational message.


Sure! The post was, “How Much Should You Spend on That??”. Included is a tool to compare your spending to a “broke person” and a “rich person”. Spend like the broke, and you’ll remain broke. Spend like the rich and guess what? You’ll become rich!! :wink:

It’s the very first “tool” I ever made and it’s obviously done well!


First of all I would like to congratulate you on reaping benefits after two years
personal finance is a much crowded space. Being in blogging space more than 10 years I know that this is fickle game unless you build a blog around a less competitive niche


Wow, that’s awesome. Congrats! Would like to ask if you did any recent updating to this particular post and republish it? Heard that updating archives do work.


Thanks for the congrats! I’ve been blogging for 7.5 years now and I’ve definitely seen bloggers come and go. My income has swung heavily, but thankfully I love impacting lives so that’s kept me around for the long haul!

It’s been fun lately to see some success. I just hope it will continue so I can make a HUGE difference!

  • Derek


Ha, well…the only updating I did was add a few affiliate links to the article, so no, not really!

This isn’t the first time it’s been picked up though. LifeHacker has run it on their FB feed three times now, so it’s really just been going through its cycles of moderate traffic to huge traffic.

The difference this time was that I built up my overall visitor numbers enough lately to partner with an amazing ad agency, which has proven to pay off tremendously for the daily income!

  • Derek