I've been poking around for a while


Hey guys,

I’m Matt from Method To Your Money. As I said, I’ve been poking around Rockstar for a while but I’m ready to dive in head first to the forums and get to know you all better and hopefully learn from and contribute to what everyone has going on.

I’ve been blogging for about 6 months now and have met some awesome people.

Can’t wait to meet some more!



Welcome! be sure to request access to the private blogger forum.


Welcome Matt. Great to have you.


Welcome Matt, another fellow Canadian eh.

Enjoy your blog and look forward to staying connected!



Welcome to the group Matt! :grinning:


Welcome Matt

About time you signed up :wink:


Nice to see you in here Matt!


Welcome aboard!


Welcome, Matt! Glad to see you here :slight_smile:


Welcome Matt, it’s good to see you over here on the forums!


Thanks Jon. Yes I did and I’m in! Looking forward to chatting with everyone.


No doubt!! Way too long :slight_smile:


Thanks everyone for the warm welcome! I am really excited to be here and to have the chance to learn from you all. So cool to see so many bloggers I look up to and admire on here. Pumped.


Welcome :slight_smile:


Thanks Jackie! I’ve definitely seen you around but it’s great to finally chat! Look forward to learning lots from you and everyone.


Welcome Matt…I was a lurking sponge for well over a year, before signing up and starting to engage with Rockstar elite. It’s been well worth it.


That’s awesome! I’m plan on sponging up all I can I giving back when I can too! Love the sponge analogy.


Howdy pilgrim, welcome to the holy land.


Thanks Lily! It’s great to be here!