It's not enough to earn money, it's about how to save and invest them


Hi!I am Angelica and my story is not that different in comparison to others but it is different than what I expected to be when I was younger.About 21 years ago when I moved to U.S. I tried hard to get a job and earn money. Along with my husband we had a decent income from two salaries but we had barely could save a dime and if we had we ended up paying them in taxes at the end of the year. It felt a catch up game when it came to save up for a downpayment for a house.
10 years later ,I have quit my job to have another kid but also to learn to manage money. Today I have only 2/3 of the income I used to have (since the second salary is always taxed higher), though I managed to buy a house and increase my savings by a few folds. This is only because I put the effort in growing and saving the money.
…"wherever your treasure is there your heart will be also"Mathew 6:21.


Hi Angelica, and welcome. :grinning:

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