Invest $25 right now! (This week's challenge)


This month we are doing a fast blast of straight-up money saving (and making) challenges. Accomplish each of the next four missions and you’ll come away $100 richer!

Ready to get down and dirty?

This week’s challenge: Take $25 and go invest it right now!

If you are already investing, easy – just transfer in an extra $25. Done.
If you aren’t investing yet, pick a new app and start! Here are two we like: Acorns and Wealthsimple.

And if you are really feeling saucy, hook your future self up and make it a recurring $25.

Give us a quick “I’m in!” so we know you are with us!

Pay $25 of debt right now! (This week's challenge)
Save $25 Right Now (This week's challenge)

Challenge accepted!

Aaaaaand… challenge completed!*

*Technically I only transferred the $25 (actually, 220 Norwegian Kroner, which amounts to $25, more or less) to my brokerage service. It’ll drop in there tomorrow, and I’ll put it straight into my global index fund of choice.

Great challenge by the way. Now I’ll have to live without spending any money the next way, after emptying out my spending account. Not much leeway in my zero sum-budget, as you can tell :wink: I’ll give the challenge a tweet, and a write-up on my site later in the week.


Accepted and completed!


Sometimes I actually do these challenges too!!

$25 into my Acorns account. Done.


I just realised that this means I have to invest another $75 sharpish, as I don’t appreicate when my tracking spreadsheet shows deposit values outside of whole $100 :sweat:

What do you mean, OCD?

Anyways, I dropped the $25 into my global index fund now, so challenge fully completed!


Threw $100 into my Roth just for the heck of it.


I am in! - woohooo!!!


Done and done! That was easy


Challenge accepted! Thanks for the motivator.

Something I do as an additional motivator each day is to target a daily spending amount ($50). If I end up spending significantly less than that ($25 or less) during the day, I ‘tip’ myself $10 towards my investment account as a reward. It’s like having a small but motivating challenge each sunrise to spend less and save more. Last month saved $130 which I didn’t even notice!


I’m in and my $25 is invested!


Done, Set-up 100 bi-weekly