Introducing myself - Derek@Life And My Finances!


Doesn’t feel like that long! Blogging is awesome. You’ll be addicted for life, especially when you start making money doing what you love!


I’m glad too! Can’t wait for all you young cats to rejuvenate my love for the personal finance community! I can feel the mojo already! :slight_smile:


Good to see you here Derek.


Hi Derek.

I’m familiar to your blog. I’ve been around awhile also (previously blogged anonymously for 3+ years) and in January started my new project. Just in the past couple of months started to participate on the forums and actually learn about blogging. Not as regular participating here as I’d like to be, but hope to become more active in here and curious to hear what you’ve learned in 8 years of blogging.



Welcome to the forum Derek! Great name by the way.


Thanks Moneylogue! Good to be here! Loving it so far!


Hey Chris! Yeah, I’ve definitely learned a ton (and often slower than others…but I’m catching on!) and I’m looking forward to being both the mentor and the mentee on these forums. The stronger you build your network, the more likely it is that you’ll succeed in blogging.