HI there! Finally found you


Hi! I am Lori and blog at My Journey Along the Way. I am a pretty new blogger, almost a year and just about gave it up last fall. But I am back with a vengeance. I write about my take on personal finance, budgeting, saving and making money and making better financial decisions. I am so glad I have found this forum!


Welcome here and have fun with us :slight_smile:


Welcome to the forum.

I am glad you did not give up.


Don’t forget to add a link to your site in your profile so we can find My Journey Along the Way.


Well hello there


Welcome to the group, Lori! Glad to have you :slight_smile:


Hey Lori, welcome to the group!




Glad you didn’t give up on the blogging game. Welcome back with a vengeance!


Welcome back. Vengeance = Good!


Welcome Lori!


Hi, I’m Brad a Certified Financial Planner with my own company for the past 21 years. My blog is www.lifeplanningtoday.com and it’s about life and finance and aligning the two for a happy life. I’ve been blogging since 2011. I published my first financial planning book in 2001 and my second is due out next month.
Please consider a resource for all your financial questions,


what made you want to give it all up? I kinda feel like that most days…


So many things made me want to give it up.

I couldn’t "find the time"
I felt I was too old - just turned 50 last Saturday
I am not going to retire early, didn’t felt I fit in there…
I was not having the blog success that is talked about so heavily - in 6 months you too will have 200k page views a month…

But then I realized, I am blogging to help others who are in financial turmoil.
I am finding my tribe and I found a great mastermind of like-minded women who are a tremendous wealth of knowledge.

My blog is fun again. And I am goal setting, not just writing.


I can relate; i’m not thinking of giving up blogging at the moment…but I’m thinking of going back to a free site like blogspot. too much pressure to make it profitable…and too much time for it to not be profitable… :roll_eyes:


How did we miss you?? I thought everyone knew!


Happy Birthday - welcome to the 50 club :sunglasses:


Thanks AmyB!