Hi from the great state of Ohio


Hello, everybody! I’m Joe from southwestern Ohio - the Dayton, Ohio area near WPAFB. It’s an interesting area due to the base and Wright State University next door to the base, making it a odd combination of low-cost-of-living with higher-income potential. The culture mix is diverse, too, with people from all over the country via the Air Force and all over the world via the school living in the area.

I found these forums through searching for new blogs to follow. I followed Rockstar Finace via an RSS feed in Feedly, but was confused for a bit as to why the blogs in my feed weren’t on this site, but rather other people’s blogs. Once I figured it out, I decided to join.

I have two blogs - a general blog at http://hendrixjoseph.github.io/ which I’ll blog about anything that interests me, including personal finance and FI - and http://www.puppy-snuggles.com/ which I talk about dogs. Because dogs are awesome.

I’ve actually been playing with websites via sites like Geocities since the 90s (my teenage years) and blogging for maybe a decade. My current blog is two or three years old, and my dog blog is maybe a year old. One of the reasons I blog is to develop my writing and web design skills (or is that two reasons?).

Glad to be here!


Hi Joe, welcome! I used to have family in Dayton. And I agree dogs are awesome.


Welcome Joe!


Hi Joe! I already like a guy who can own his love of snuggling with puppies! :slight_smile:


Welcome! O-H

Sorry, I am an alum…couldn’t help myself :grin:


Hello, hey Joe. Giving the forums a go? Welcome aboard!



I think this goes for all residents and natives of Ohio, not just fans and alums of the Ohio State University! :slight_smile:


Hey Joe! I’m originally (ish) from Dayton as well! I hope you’re taking advantage of that real estate pricing up there! Welcome to the forums and Go Buckeyes!


You are welcome. This forum is actually connecting people. I am happy to be part of this community


Welcome, Joe! I went to college at Wittenberg University in nearby Springfield, OH. Now live in Georgia. Nice to have you in the house!!


HI Joe,

Welcome. Glad to see you have finally joined the forums :slight_smile:


Hi Joe! I know you posted this back in January, but I’m just dropping by to say that I live in Wilmington and I’m VERY familiar with Dayton - I went to Wright State University for undergrad. So cool to have another Ohioan on the internet world so close by!


I went to Wright State for my undergrad, too (Computer Science, 2012) and am almost finished with my master’s there - should be done by the end of summer!


I-O ! Be proud. We’re in the Columbus area! Didn’t know how many of us there are on here. Glad to see you all and welcome to the forums @JoeHx!


I didn’t know that, Fritz. My brother-in-law went to Wittenberg and my wife practiced in Springfield for a year… Small world!