Hi from the DC Area


Hi…I am Toni and I live in MD but work in DC. I love to travel and have made a goal to hit every continent in the next 5 years (only 3 more to go) :slight_smile: I have a big interest in personal finance and read personal finance blogs almost every day. It is interesting to see everyone’s journeys and many of them have inspired me along the way.

My main goal is to be financially independent so that I could take some time off work to travel the world with my boyfriend. I am excited to be joining this community and I look forward to could sharing my journey and what I have learned along the way. Thank you for letting me join!


Welcome to the forums!


That sounds like an exciting plan! My best friend did something like that for ~6 months. She loved it. I hope you get there!


Welcome Toni, there’s quite a lot of us DC area money nerds here on the forums!


Thanks, I hope so too!


Thank you, I look forward to interacting with many of you.


Welcome to the group Toni! :grinning:


Welcome to the forum.


Welcome to the club! I live in the DC area too! :slight_smile:


True moco representing!