Hi from MyEarlyRetirementJourney.com in the polleny NC!


Hey guys! I’m My Early Retirement Journey from the great state of NC. I am openly Christian and hesitantly immigranty! I heard of these forums through frugalgene and I’m really excited to be here! Also - I love a great sentence starter… so I used the one provided by the forum :blush: It’s also a reason I started my blog http://myearlyretirementjourney.com/. Check it out…it’s like a sentence starter for personal finance!

What’s my blog about?
Well… I want to retire early. I just started my journey in Dec 2017 and one month in I started to lose interest. I am hoping this blog will help keep me motivated and accountable…I keep thinking this might be a little easier with a few people along this journey with me.

What else do you want to know?
Well, it all started after one especially “I want to retire today” day at work wherein I stumbled upon FIRE. As with most Google searches I got lost for a bit in the early retirement rabbit hole. When I finally emerged, I realized, hey this might be possible. And hey, all these early retirees are men with wives and families. I’m neither of those things. I wonder if there are single women like me trying to leave the workforce. If so, maybe I can create a space for them on the internet too. And so began myearlyretirementjourney.com

Forum conversation starters:
1, For those bloggers out there, when and/or what was your turning point from a personal blog to an income stream?

2, For funzies, if anyone in this finance blogosphere still has cable or eats out or remembers when they did… what was your favorite tv and take-out combo? My old fave was spicy drunken noodle with shrimp and Mindy Project +/- a fizzy soft drink :slight_smile: I may or may not have had this in the last week or so…:hushed:


Hey there! I’m one of the newest PF bloggers here (well…period). I also just launched my blog in January.

I think it’s awesome that you want to retire early! What better motivation and accountability than to write about what you’re going through? :slight_smile I was a former banker and Realtor®, and due to my husband’s work schedule (he flies out of state at least 2 weeks a month), I decided to leave the workforce and stay at home with the kids. I’ve always had a passion for encouraging others (especially when it comes to money), and I love that blogging allows me to do that!

As far as income goes: I’m 3 months into my blogging journey, and I think I’ve made about $100 so far (but I haven’t seen it yet because each affiliate has their own minimums you have to hit) lol


$100! that’s better than zero, melissa! love seeing female bloggers out there… i just moved my blog to a paid site last weekend… was on blogger for the first monthish…


Smart move! I know it’s not a sprint but a marathon, so I’m focusing on creating killer content that speaks directly to my avatar!


Hello and welcome to the forums, Maris.


Welcome to the fun!!


Thanks! I am having a good bit of fun so far


You read my About Me page! I love that! Thank you!


@MelissaBlevins.com you are right, it is certainly not a sprint. i wish it were!


As someone who just joined the forums myself, I don’t know that I’m even qualified to extend a proper welcome. But I’m happy to see other new faces join the ranks so I know I’m not the only new kid on the block!

I started my own blog in January, but spent the first two months on site design and creating some starter content. Fit an unplanned Achilles tendon rupture and the ensuing repair surgery in there as well. Today marks my one month of the blog actually being “live” and I haven’t pursued monetization yet so I can’t help you there.

I love your site design, very fresh and clean. You’re right that there aren’t many single female bloggers in the niche (at least not that I’m familiar with), so it’ll be interesting to hear from that perspective! Welcome!


@Mr.FFP What a hearty welcome! I love that! Thank you! I also started about a month or so ago and had surgery. I second the notion that site design takes a while. In fact the first time i tried starting the blog, I was so lost on bluehost/wordpress that i got a refund two days later. It was a bit aggravating. After being on blogger for about a month, I tried again…this time since i knew it wasn’t going to be quick…i mentally prepared myself and clicked through all the buttons on WP and that helped. I also had in my mind some facets of other sites i wanted to see on my own site. Happy blogging!


As a “constantly recovering perfectionist” in Mrs. Frugalwoods terms, site design probably took me longer than it should have. Still have a whole host of things I’d like to improve, but I’ve convinced myself it’s time to move on.

Learning basic coding was extremely time-consuming. Aggravating is a good word choice. I’m usually patient enough to grind through such things, but I floundered pretty badly in the beginning. If I can help in any way, just let me know.

The fun part is leaving design behind and actually getting to the writing. And thank you for your comment yesterday! I plan to return the favor today :slight_smile:


well…when i think of something i want to add on my site and when i google it and it requires coding… i tend to rethink it… for example, i’ve been thinking about drop down menus… i haven’t figured it out yet. a cursory google search led me to solutions with a lot of words so i’ve worked around it…for now…

getting to the writing is what i used blogger for at first. i wanted to write right away so once i had my first month of brain dump and a few drafts saved i was like phew…ok…now let’s make this thing look good…let’s think about some trajectory for this blog… i’m kind of trying everything for now and seeing what sticks? i have the time… but i hear blogger burnout is in the 7 month horizon so we shall see…




Thanks for being my 1st commenter! hearts and skittles