Hi, from FinTechFreedom in NH


Hi Everyone, I’m excited to be a part of this awesome community! In a nutshell, I’m the guy that waits anxiously to read the new post highlights from the Rockstar forum when they reach my RSS feed every morning! I’m always impressed by the high quality of the content and the engagement. You can see more about me on my about page I’m interested in the intersection between personal finance and technology “fintech.” More specifically I’m excited by the growing number of fintech startups that are making personal finance problems easier for the public to solve on their own and understand. I also recognize that with so many new fintech companies coming on the scene that it can be overwhelming for many to understand what might work best for them. With fintechfreedom I am hoping to make this less overwhelming with the goal of simplifying wherever possible. After all, the easier we can make personal finance, the more people will hopefully realize they can take charge of their financial future! Once again, I’m excited to be here with all of you and hope to connect and collaborate with more of you in the future. If anyone is in or around the Boston/Portsmouth, NH area please feel free to reach out. It would be great to connect in person! -Jeff


Welcome to the group


Welcome aboard :slight_smile:


Welcome Jeff!


Welcome, Jeff! (and great name!)


Welcome to the group Jeff! :grinning:


Welcome! I’ll be checking out your page. I only use a few fintech apps, but would love to try some new ones.

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Welcome Jeff, I´m quite fintechy as well :slight_smile:


Welcome, Jeff!


Thank you!