Hi from Brewing FIRE


Hey everyone! This is Adam from Connecticut, the place that we describe as “in between NYC and Boston.” I have recently launched Brewing FIRE, a blog about homebrewing and the quest for financial independence.

My site will serve to chronicle my family’s path to FI, with stories and tips about such topics as house-hacking, tax strategies, and chicken farming! I will also dedicate a section to my true passion: brewing beer. Somehow I will try to connect FIRE and beer, since I believe them to be two noble pursuits in their own right.

Thanks to the Rockstar Finance community for putting this all together, and cheers to the journey ahead!


Welcome, Adam! Great blog name! Off to check it out. This community seems to be quite interested in beer too :wink:


Hi Adam

Welcome from a fellow newbie!

I am interested in hearing about your brewing adventures as this is something we have only tried once and ended in exploding failure (elderflower champagne)! I am, not surprisingly, reluctant to try again but still keen in theory because of the money saving aspect.

I look forward to hearing more in the coming weeks/months.



Welcome Adam!


Welcome! Love the name!


haha…talk about niche market! Love it!


Interesting topic! Welcome to the forums. :grinning:


Hi Adam,

welcome to the community!


Awesome name! We’re working towards FIRE and home brew too, so I’m excited to see the how you connect the two! Though our favorite thing to do now is make cold brew coffee on nitro using our keg set up. We drink coffee a lot faster than beer :smile:


:notes: These are a few of my favorite things. :notes:

Welcome to the group!



yikes- I’m not brave enough for champagne, too much pressure!


Nice- I do enjoy cold brew coffee, haven’t tried nitro yet though. We’ve hooked up the kegerator with a seltzer tap, which is nice. Having seltzer on demand is one of my favorite things.


Yeah, in hindsight maybe we should have started with wine - might have been able to drink some instead of washing down the garage with it :roll_eyes::roll_eyes:


Welcome! I’ve always wanted to do some homebrewing - going to dive into your Beginner’s Guide and other Brewing posts.

Might send you a few questions via PM if that’s cool.

Looking forward to following along w/ the blog.

Scott at Making Momentum


Welcome! Love the name:)


Welcome to the forum @brewingfire. Have fun!


Ahhhh, yes! A blog about my two favorite topics!