Hi from Arizona :)


Hi, I’m Jackie from JackieBeck.com (formerly The Debt Myth) and PinterestforBloggers.net – I finally got signed up and am happy to be here :slight_smile:

On my main site, I teach people how they can get out of debt without putting their life on hold. And on the Pinterest for Bloggers site, so far I’ve pretty much just ranted about stolen pins, but I’ll be posting additional useful stuff there in the future too.

A little bit about me: I’m an empty nester who lives in metro Phoenix with my husband. (My son lives nearby.) For hobbies I do tai chi, am learning Krav Maga, swim, and uh play Pokemon Go. My husband and I also paid off over $147K in debt, including our house.


Hi Jackie. Nice to see you hear in the forums. Krav Maga? Go you!


It’s super fun :slight_smile:


Hi Jackie - Welcome to the forums. It’s great to have you hear. I’m trying to crack the riddle that is Pinterest, so I be sure to check out your site!


Hi Jackie - I’ve definitely seen you a bunch before now. I think you’ve commented on my site before, and I often see your stuff through Facebook and Twitter. Good to see you on the forums here!


Nice to see you on here Jackie! Welcome to the group. :grinning:


My husband and older son love Krav Maga! I’d have to talk swimming with you if we were to ever meet. Welcome! :slight_smile:


Pinterest is so much awesome.


Yup, I think you did a guest post for me too a long time ago :slight_smile:


Welcome aboard :slightly_smiling_face:


Hi Jackie! Welcome to the forum. Dang those are some fun hobbies lol.



Welcome to Rockstar Finance :slight_smile:


Hey, good to see you!


Welcome to the fold!


Hi Jackie, welcome from a newer newbie! I’ve bookmarked your Pinterest site. Very interesting article about stolen Pins - thanks for the detail


How did you get into your hobbies? Welcome!


Hey Jackie,

It’s cool to see you on here too. I’ve seen you on Twitter and Pinterest. You’re really crushing Pinterest from the look of things. Looking forward to chatting with your more!


Hey There,

You have a great pinterest account! I really enjoy reading it. Good to know that you play Pokemon Go as well. It is very addicting. Great to know that your husband and you were able to pay off your debt.