Hey all, thanks for having me! I'm Millionaire Mob


Hey All - Can’t believe I didn’t find this forum earlier. Looks like a great group of people! Some of you I have already interacted with, but here’s an introduction to us:

Millionaire Mob is where people come together to find the best travel deals and financial advice. We specialize in dividend growth investing, passive income and travel hacking. What are you waiting for? Let’s achieve financial freedom and travel the world together.

I founded Millionaire Mob to help others and learn along the way. Everyday is an opportunity to improve, learn and grow.




BTW, you should request access to the private blogger lounge. :slight_smile:


Done! :grinning:






Glad to meet you. Welcome.






Thanks everyone so far!


Cool logo


Thanks! First time I’ve got that. Glad someone else likes it!




Welcome to the group!