Hello! UK newbie alert - Tuppenny from TuppennysFIREplace


Hi Everyone! I’ve lurked for months. Joined eventually. Finally plucked up the courage to actually introduce myself.

So, I am Tuppenny and I started blogging last Monday (9th April)! I blog over at https://tuppennysfireplace.com/ and I am a complete technophobe. Setting up my blog was sooooo much more work than everything I had read.

Get yourself a domain they said, get webhosting, download Wordpress and voila you have a blog! And the rest peeps, and the rest!

Husband (Mr2p) and I are nearing leanFIRE having led a lean life because we are low income earners. As in, neither of us have ever reached the point of paying 40% UK tax. I started the blog to help me deal with the change from distant dream to nearing reality and am enjoying the experience so far.

We current live in the South East but our plan is to move elsewhere, just haven’t found the right (FIRE)place yet!!

Look forward to ‘meeting’ you all x


Love that… "FIRE"place… :heart_eyes:…i heart a good play on words. I too recently started my Journey. But I’m more at day 1 on the journey. I am also trying to move elsewhere…cost mostly so UK is not where it’s at?
About the “rest”… i just did a post about that this morning… it was not 3 easy steps like they said…check it out here: https://myearlyretirementjourney.com/2018/04/101-things-you-will-encounter-your-1st-week-blogging-about-fire-or-personal-finance/

Welcome to the fold!


Thank you!

I shall check that post out in a mo. UK it is but we looking for big landscapes not surburbia. hopefully Cumbria and The Lake District as long as the pennies permit of course :grinning:


Is that more affordable…what would be like a monthly rent (i imaging you’re looking to buy, but nonetheless)?


Not sure about rents as we have been mortgage free for some years. House prices can be very expensive in the national park yet half that outside. We intend to add £xx savings to whatever we sell our current house for as we are intending to buy a place with bigger garden/land. That’ll keep us active when we are not out walking the fells :wink:

Just read your new blogger post - cracking!


here’s the link you requested…not sure if would make it back to the comments section… thanks for stopping by!



Wow, what a list! Thanks for taking the time to find this and shooting the link over. So many blogs to look into, I’ll never be off my computer.


Welcome to the group! It can be a little overwhelming setting up the blog when you first start out. Once you have everything up and running, it becomes easier. Definitely an ongoing experience! :grinning:


Welcome aboard! I agree that starting a blog is not nearly as simple as the 1-5 steps typically outlined in the web hosting affiliate “Start Your Own Blog” leads. Much to learn, and do, but you’ll get over the hump eventually!

Congratulations on nearing FIRE!


The hard work paid off becuase the site looks great! Welcome to the community, it’s great to have you!!


Thank you, yes!

Made a big mistake with misunderstanding what nofollow meant - at least it was in my first week so should be ok from now on. am sure there will be others :slight_smile:


Thanks mr.FFP

Feels a little easier already although am in the process of finding out about Pinterest - never used it before!


Thank you MySonsFather

You’ve certainly picked up the pace since your Worlds Worst Blogger post!

One problem of being a UK blogger is I’m asleep when everyone else is commenting on forums so I play catch up the next day when you are all at work :wink:


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