Hello! Personal Finance Blogger From the Bay Area


I recently was made aware that there was a personal finance community in the shape of a forum and cannot be more excited for the personal finance community.

I just wanted to take the time to say hello and introduce myself!

My name is Albert Fang, and I’ve been blogging about personal finance for a better part of four years now. I only recently got back into blogging after taking a hiatus!

Feel free to check out what I’m writing about on the daily at:


I cannot wait to see the content and how the personal finance community develops overtime. This is a huge win for the community as a whole!

  • Albert


Welcome, Albert!


This place is pretty awesome. Welcome!


Hi dearest bay area person!


Welcome! Take me back to the Bay Area with you! You’re so lucky!


Welcome Albert. Bay Area native. Love this place.


Welcome Albert, great to see another Bay Area native on the forums!


Welcome! Another person I can complain to about how bad traffic is on the 101 and how expensive everything around here is.


Love the layout of your site! I’m new here as well Albert! Nice Renter’s Insurance article, it definitely is needed nowadays as so many more people are renting.


4 years?!?! Hi!! You’re new to me :smiley: