Hello from Seattle! I'm alohaJim @ retireby.com


Hi, my name is alohaJim (my wife’s name is missRandom). We’re 30-something Seattleites on the journey to FIRE. I’m an engineer by day, (new) blogger at night, and a struggling musician on the weekends.

The awakening came when we were vacationing in the Big Island, HI when missRandom was pregnant with our first child and I realized that I didn’t want to continue working for the big corporation for 10-20 more years to come. My ultimate goal is to be there for my son, to be on every recital and soccer game he goes.

I’m glad to join this community, to learn more from others and be part of this great FI movement. Looking forward to gain and contribute PF wisdom together.

P.s. Check out our free compound interest calculator and feel free to take screenshot for your blog’s illustration.


Aloha! Jim lol

Welcome to the forum :slight_smile:


Hi there, and welcome to the forum! Lots of awesome people here




Aloha, Jim! Welcome!


Welcome Jim! :grinning:


Yay another fish from Seattle. We’re building slowly but surely!


Nice to see a fellow Seattleites. I just followed your blog after seeing the article in Money, inspirational stuff! :slight_smile:

Will be interesting to get your view on Airbnb vs long term rental (e.g. how you decide which route to go)


Thanks! Secretly…I kind of hate doing Airbnb. Not for any reason except it’s boring and tedious. Not having a mortgage is good though.

There was one blogger (Retire by 40 - Joe) who said I was a little like his dad. We both end up bored and moving onto something else, even if it was considered successful. It was only after the Money article that I was like…maybe I should quit blogging yeah…I don’t see where I’m going with this.


Hello there! I’m new too. I have a little crush on the Pacfic NW… what are your housings costs like? That’s my biggest deterrent. My city keeps showing up on listicles for best affordable towns to live in. :roll_eyes:


I’m glad I found you here. I wanted to give you credit for mentioning this on your blog… one of your blog update reports… i didn’t know it existed! so thanks!


Seattle housing cost varies based on locations. But ours is around $2350/mo, bought a couple years ago, not big, and not really in the prime location.

I think the median price now hovers around $700k-$800k, which translates to over $3k/mo.

Definitely not cheap anymore. Rentals increase quite rapidly too. I’m seeing 10% increase each year.


yikes… too rich for my blood. my current housing is $1000k/mon with utilities… trying to lower that… preferably by half… :confounded:


Dang, @alohaJim! You could probably retire a hell of a lot sooner if you weren’t having to pay those high housing costs! EEK! And I thought Illinois was expensive :dizzy_face:


Yeah, missRandom and I talked about it a lot. But, it is more challenging for an aging Software Engineer to do geographical arbitrage in this industry.

The high paying job is still concentrated in the Bay Area (even more expensive) or here (some areas starting to look like SF).

Perhaps a couple years down the road, I’ll consider a completely remote job / consultant gig and move somewhere more economical.


Makes sense! I just can’t believe how much higher cost of living is in some areas. When I lived in Georgia, our 2300 square foot home (built in 2002) was a 4 bedroom, 2.5 bath and we paid $169,900 for it lol