Hello from crazy Washington DC, theGiveandGet


Welcome to the forum. Congrats on smashing out that debt and starting a law career!

(also agree nice to hear from another single financier!_


I used to be a lawyer in DC…ah the good times, or, well…whatever! Ha ha, hope you enjoy the forum and great job paying off the student loans!


Hey, I’m not on Twitter but I’m in DC and would loooooove a meetup.


Send me an email: guyonfire.us@gmail.com


Welcome! Great job on paying off your loans!


Yay! We need to start a group!


Welcome to the forum! I’m also brand new here and live in Silver Spring. I had no idea how many PF bloggers are in the DC area :slight_smile:


You are welcome on board


Do you guys want to pm me all your email addresses so we can try organize something?


Hi Lisa, welcome. Glad to have you here with us!

Impressive how you were able to pay off $112K in only 18 months!


Hello and welcome from a fellow DC blogger!


Hey, there’s a Twitter group #dcmoneynerds. You can reach out to Feminist Financier on Twitter to be added to the list. I was added in January, and I believe there were meetups in 2017 but nothing on the books yet this year that I am aware of. Was thinking of taking hte initiative to get something set up.


Welcome to the group! :grinning:


I’ll try get something on the books. Just trying to get a few peoples email that aren’t on twitter first.


Hello! Nice to meet you on Twitter first, now here!


Hi and Welcome. I’m Tom