Hello from Canada!


Hello and welcome. Feel free to connect with as many people as you can


Welcome to the forums Melissa, I am sure you will be having a great time here.


Hey Melissa and everyone else. I work in Halifax (live just outside). Hello neighbour :wink:

I have a Blog Site www.DrDebt.ca and facebook/twitter account. I’m a Licensed Insolvency Trustee and make it my purpose to help educate on ways to have healthy happy finances, and avoid talking to someone in my profession.

Looking forward to sharing and learning on this forum.

Thanks to J Money for bringing us together.


That’s awesome!! I’m going to check your website out right now! And if I ever need a cup of sugar or something, I know who to call :wink:


Damn straight! :slight_smile: I just followed you on Twitter :slight_smile:


Hello from Seattle :slight_smile:


Welcome fellow Canuck. I have never been to Halifax. I heard it’s beautiful I’m January!!!:grinning: This forum has elevated my knowledge of PF and really helped with organising my thoughts for my blog. I post daily on Instagram as well @confessionsofadad.


G’day from Australia! - always nice to meet a Canadian eh.


Hello, everyone. You might want to read some blogs http://rkillen.ca/blog/; the blog is from a licensed insolvency trustee. Have a great day everyone.