Hello everyone! This is Dr. McFrugal, your friendly neighborhood physician and I'm new in town


Welcome to the show.


A pain doc and an accomplished attorney, eh? And living frugally.

I look forward to reading your next post: How to wipe out your debt and become financially independent in a matter of weeks!



You are welcome to the forum. We are actually having a good mix here. People of diverse culture, background and skills are coming together. What a good place to be.


Welcome! I am always interested to hear how people stay financially sane in the expensive state of CA. Hope to see you at FinCon!


Welcome Dr. McFrugal!


HAHAHA!!! @PoF that would certainly be an awesome post :smiley:


Thank you, @the_graying_saver !!!


Hi, @30-0 ! I’ll definitely be at FinCon! See you there :smiley:


Yes, I totally agree! I love the great mix here and the collaborative attitude. It’s awesome!


Thanks, @John_PVF! I hear it’s the Greatest show :slight_smile:


Welcome @DrMcFrugal. I enjoy reading your blog. I look forward to meeting in person soon at the FinCon local SD meetup!


Hi @Michael thanks for the warm welcome! I’m looking forward to hanging out with you at the meetup too! :smiley:


Welcome. I’m scheduled to be at FinCon this year also. Looking forward to meeting you.


Awesome! It’ll be great to meet see you there.


Great introduction Dr. McFrugal, I am interested in reading about your journey.

Wow, March 2018 to add Baby McFrugal, that is awesome. Congratulations - it definitely changes now :-):yum:


Finance Stoic


Thank you! I appreciate it :slight_smile: