Greetings from a Canadian blogger in Switzerland


Hey everyone!

I’m Janet and I’m a Canadian now living abroad in Switzerland. My story is a bit long and winded but you can read more about it on my blog ( Basically I used to be a CPA and then I quit my job to go to school in Switzerland!

I heard of these forums through the EBA forum (for those who don’t know, I’m taking Elite Blog Academy and trying to make my blog my full-time gig). I’m really excited to be here!

My blog is still fairly new and I now have 14 posts up talking about my career and all that. Stay tuned because I’m going to post fairly often going forward. My next post is going to be about how my mom bought a house and forged my signature and I ended up having to pay for it! :slight_smile:


Welcome to the community. Your site looks great!

Sounds like a bit of a nightmare scenario with your mom, sorry to hear about that, but I am looking forward to reading all about it.


Hello fellow Canadian. Welcome.

I’m curious after school are you able to stay Switzerland extensively? Wondering how visa works.


Thanks for the kind words :slight_smile:
Haha it was a nightmare situation but it turned out for the better and made me almost a millionaire hehe :D!!


Hi Tawcan thanks for the warm welcome :)!!!
After school I get a visa to stay for 6 months to look for work. But if I find a job, I’ll still have to go through all the paperwork for a real work visa. It’s quite a pain… really.


Hi @mytwentycents,

Welcome to the Rockstar Forums and to Switzerland! Just saw that you’re based in Lausanne, assumingly for the IMD MBA? I’m Swiss and can usually be found in Basel. We sometimes pass by Lausanne when going for skiing. My Taiwanese wife loves the authentic Chinese food at “Chez Xu” in Lausanne (if you ever fancy tasty and affordable Chinese food:

Let me know if you have any questions about investing, retirement deductions, taxation or other stuff in Switzerland. Looking forward to your story about the forged signature (wow!). Please feel free to reach out if you ever happen to explore Basel and like to talk about personal finance while doing so.

Enjoy Switzerland!


Welcome to the group Janet! :grinning:


Welcome to the forum! Lots of great people here


I’m glad it has a happy ending!


Welcome Janet! Your blog looks great :sunny:

Living in another country one day is a dream of mine - Somewhere in Europe or Japan! Well done!




Welcome to the Swiss blog community :slight_smile:
Are you also on Our Swiss FI forum :slight_smile:


Welcome!! Cool that you live in Switzerland, must be really pretty there!


Welcome to the forum! your website looks very nice and simple :slight_smile: and your goals inspired me to work harder/smarter lol. I’d also say the EBA is working because your blog looks amazing right off the bat.

My blog looked like poop the first couple of months as I was working on making it look decent without any prior web design knowledge lol.


Welcome to the forum and to Switzerland! I checked out your blog, very nice blog, keep up with it! It seems you’re off to a great start (much better than me you are :wink: )


Welcome to the forum:) Can’t wait to read about this house purchase!


Thanks Matt I checked out your blog too. I’ll definitely keep you in mind whenever I visit Basel. I was in Basel a bit last summer when I worked in Zurich but I haven’t been back to the German part of Switzerland in months!


Aw, thanks you’re so sweet :slight_smile:
Actually EBA doesn’t cover the design aspect so much but I have just been stalking blogs like crazy to figure out what worked best :smiley:


Thank you:)!!


No I’m not a member of that forum but I’ll check it out. Cute name :wink: