Frugal tip of the day


Every little bit counts, as it all adds up. What is your tip of the day?


Ok, I will start: Incorporate beans into your menu plan. MIND diet suggests to have beans 3 times per week. Lots of great recipes out there. And frugal!


use for cheaper recipes :slight_smile:


Get a place that’s closer to work. You can live near a bus stop or walk to work. Not having a car removes one variable of expense.


I didn’t do so great at this one… I commute 1hr 5 minutes each way, but my wife is close(ish) to her work, so that kinda makes up for it.

Definitely feel the pain in terms of gas, oil changes, tires, and most of all TIME. I spend way too much time in the car, but it’s a great excuse to listen to podcasts.


My response to @thefrugalgene helped me decide my frugal tip… get all the life you can out of your car/resist the urge to upgrade. My car has 210,000 miles on it, and knock on wood, I have no plans to upgrade/get a different car until this one bites the dust.


Take a picture when the odometer turns 999,999 and you’re golden!