FIRE Europe


Hey people,
I started this topic to bring together all the European users and discuss issues specific to our old continent :slight_smile:

So please introduce yourself. If you have a blog, let us know about it.

All the best Mr W

Hello from across the pond!

I am Mr RIP, Italian living in Switzerland and I blog at :slight_smile:

and Yes, I’m attending the Financial Independence Week Europe in September 2017!


About time that someone put together a club where I could fit in!

My name is Lars-Christian, and I reside in the happiest country in the world :slight_smile: I write about personal finance and related topics over at Abovare, where I try to both write in a way and cover subjects that makes it appealing and meaningful to everyone, regardless of where you reside. It’s the FI part of the acronym in the title of this thread that interests me, more than the RE part, and I would say that my writing reflects that.

I’m looking forward to finding more European based writers, and adding y’all (I lived in Texas for a while, and picked up some linguistic peculiarities while there) to my feedreader!


I’m Slow Dad, writing over at Cantankerous.Life.

I’m based in London and… oh wait, FIRE Europef*cking Brexit mumble grumble… [quietly heads for the exit]


You’re still part of Europe, or did you vote yourself out of that one too? :wink:

On a serious note, you’re as much of a European as I’ve always been, as we’ve always resisted the Union up here for some reason. I guess you could say we’re pioneers in that regard! :weary:


Glad to see another european perosnal finance blog in english.
Holy crap. It looks like I’m just about to move to the 57th (or so) happiest country in the world…
However, I’d be glad to see you at FIWE . Would be great to have some northern European representation and I’d love to learn more about what makes you the happies country in the world.
Do you think your kick-ass Stockmarket Pension Fund has something to do with it?


oh boy…I hear that that mumble grumble every day from Mrs W who’s scottish btw… :slight_smile:
Nixe to have you here! And especially nice to have a financially independent person living in one of the most expensive places on the planet! Would be great to meet you (hopefully in September) and hear your full story.


We’re Robert & Emma. We’re blogging at Achieved FI 2 years ago with real estate, and an online business. Gave up our jobs and we’re working from home on stuff we enjoy alongside of raising 2 kids.

We live in Stuttgart, Germany but we’re moving to Romania mid 2017 where I (Robert) grew up.

Apart from running this online business Robert is also a freelance consultant in the online marketing field.
Emma is a translator and currently translating a german book about Financial Independence into english.


Congratulations on achieving FI- very awesome! We visited Stuttgart for a few nights a couple of years ago and absolutely loved it :slight_smile:

I’m Sarah, I live with my husband Alex and I blog at The blog name was inspired by the hare and tortoise. Life and FI is a journey and I’m gonna enjoy it!

I was made redundant last year, paid off the mortgage and got a new, less stressful job. I’m enjoying much better health and life is much more enjoyable… possibly cos we don’t have a mortgage anymore!


Hello to every European out there! I’m Roadrunner and I blog at
I live in the Netherlands with my wife and baby daughter.
I’ve started the FIRE journey in early 2016 and documenting every step of it since last September.
I’m glad to see others from the old continent; let’s show that it’s possible to achieve financial independence outside the US as well!


Great to see some other EU bloggers!

I live with my boyfriend (soon to be husband) in the Netherlands and blog over at Divnomics about our journey to FI and all kinds of related topics. We started out investing in 2014, changed our strategy to dividend growth investing in 2015 and are now looking to include real estate to our portfolio.

Looking forward to finding more EU bloggers around here :slight_smile:


A group of us have started a website to gather together all sorts of FIRE stuff that’s relevant for Europeans. It’s called You can read more about it here:

We have a blogroll of European FIRE blogs, a feed where we post the latest articles from the blogs, a wiki to collect FIRE information, an events section to list FIRE meetups happening all around Europe, and a section with contact information.

This project is no for profit. We’re doing it for fun and for the community.

The FIRE community from a specific country will be managed by one or more country ambassadors from that country. He can add new blogs, curate blog articles and post them.

So, if you’re in Europe, or European traveling around, come and join us. Get invovled, contact your country ambassador, make blog or blog post suggestions.

See you there!


Hey! Love the initiative! Im a European, from Sweden to be exact and just started writing and working towards FIRE. Are there any fellow Scandis out there?


Hey! Here’s the lsit of the swedish blogs that we currently have on the portal. But we have several dozens in excel sheets waiting to be uploaded. If you wanna help and contribute in any way, you’re welcome!


Hey folks!
Since last year’s FIWE was quite a lot of fun, we decided it was high time we started working on the next Financial INdependence Week Europe.
In 2018 we’ll organise it in the same place (Timişoara, western Romania).
The main conference will take place over a weekend (Friday 8th – Sunday 10th June).
Hardcore enthusiasts are welcome to stay on until Thursday 14th June for FIWE Extra. This is going to be a smaller, more informal event with an emphasis on hanging out together and generally enjoying life.
Application deadline: 1st March 2018