Find (and share) a New Financial Resource! (This week's challenge)


As you are already well aware… your financial success is closely related to your financial knowledge and how you apply that knowledge to your everyday life.

So, let’s learn a little more about money this week from a new resource. And since April is Financial Literacy Month, we thought now would be a great time to throw this challenge down…

This week’s challenge: Find a new blog, book, podcast, or resource on money.

You’ve likely heard about a new financial book or podcast or other resource that you haven’t gotten around to checking out yet. Let this be the week you do!

Here’s a couple resources from our site if you need a little help:

Let us know what new resource you’re planning on digging into. And while you are here, leave a suggestion on one that you think others would enjoy as well!

Pay It Forward (This week's challenge)

Alright - I’ll kick it off…

I think Cody at Dollar Habits is off to the start of something great. I’ve read most of what he’s written in his first month, but I want to dig in and read the rest! @DollarHabits

For a book - I just finished The 5 Money Conversations to Have With Your Kids at Every Age by The Money Couple. Their concept of financial personalities is one of my new favorite things - on par with love languages from Gary Chapman. I highly recommend checking it out if you have kids. I’ll be reviewing it on the blog on Friday, but I think the message that you have to understand how your kids naturally feel about money to teach them effectively is huge!


Here’s mine…

I just found this podcast episode about 20 minutes ago. I’ve heard of Amanda before but haven’t read or listened to anything from her. Until 20 min ago…

This podcast episode is so fun and relatable. (Lot’s of saucy language!)

Amanda talks about how she worked and hustled in her business for 7 years and is now finding some real success. She talks about how great it is that her hard work is paying off, which is super inspiring. And she also talks about how with success comes some strange stuff like imposter syndrome. It’s a real honest take on success and how hard work pays off.

“Letting people support you…” Was an interesting lesson Amanda shared towards the end.


Here’s my #2
(I’ll probably share like 50 before the week is over!!)


Wow! Thank you so much, Chelsea. That means so much to me and I really appreciate you thinking of me to include here. I’m really glad you have enjoyed the blog so far. Thank you, again!


Man, this is a tough one. There are so many new resources I come across on a daily basis. With that being said, I will share a few.

I recently came across My Sons Father and have been really digging the site. I’m always gravitated toward dad-related stuff. Speaking of which, Dads Dollars Debts is another pf blog I’m really into. I’d recommend checking it out if you haven’t already.

I also recently went back and listened to a bunch of the Millennial Money Minutes podcasts from @millennialmoney and Matt at Distilled Dollar. Lots of value in not a lot of time.

Love this idea, Rockstar team!


I like if you have not checked it out. It is a physician finance blog but he is a nice writer with interesting points.


Thanks for sharing!


@ChiefMomOfficer just wrote a review on a book called “Designing Your Life - How To Build a Well-Lived, Joyful Life”, which I’m planning on checking out.

The Aussie Government/Australian Securities and Investment Commission’s MoneySmart website has a pretty great collection of resources to help people become financially literate.

For new investors, I’ve just discovered the BC Security Commission’s Personality Quiz - it’s a different slant on risk profiling.


Thanks for the shout out on the book review @Mrs.ETT - I hope you enjoy it!