Embedded calculators for your site


One thing I’ve learned through writing for Keep Thrifty is that not every reader is going to have the same affectionate love for spreadsheets I do. In fact, some find spreadsheets downright intimidating.

That’s why I’ve been shifting to providing embedded calculators as a way to give readers access to the concepts in a more user-friendly format.

I’ve started doing freelance development for sites and recently launched my first project - a life energy calculator for Vicki Robin’s new Your Money or Your Life Site (along with @millennialmoney).

If you’d like to turn your spreadsheets (or if you’re not a spreadsheet fanatic, any financial concept) into pretty, embedded calculators for your site, I’d love to work with you.

You can PM me on the forums here, reply to this message directly, or fill out the form at our site.


-Chris @ Keep Thrifty


I have been trying yo have a custom calculation designed forever, I contacted a free companies and they blew me off, id be interested in seeing what you can do.


Sounds great! Shoot me a PM with what you had in mind (or fill out the contact form at our site) so I can get more details.

Let me know what things you’d like people to be able to input and what outputs (numbers, charts, etc) you’d like to see on the output side. From there I can give you a quote and an estimate of when I’d have it completed by :slight_smile:


@keepthrifty Do you have sample pages of what these would look like? Are they embedded withing content or are they on a page all their own?


@ESIMoney - great questions!

I’ve got a few examples from clients already:

The calculators are designed so you can put them anywhere in any page (embedded in a post or as a standalone page). Both of the examples above are Wordpress pages. I provide a video with instructions on how to take my code (which includes everything - the html, css, and javascript) and put it in your page in wordpress.

I’ll work with your existing styling as much as possible to keep consistent with your brand and any additional styles I introduce will reside with the calculator only - no messing up your other page elements :slight_smile:

The same process works for non-wordpress sites (like mine) where I’ve got a couple more examples:


Thanks. Those look GREAT!

I know this is a loaded question and probably hard to answer, but what’s the ballpark range for having one done (like the one on YMOYL)?

Just wondering if it’s closer to $100 or $100,000… :slight_smile:


Thank you! :slight_smile:

Every calculator is different, but the simplest ones (with just a few inputs, one output and generally easy computation) start at around $50-$100.

Something more complicated like the one on YMOYL can cost between $500 and a few thousand dollars depending on the complexity and number of iterations we go through on styling, etc.

I would love for someone to give me a $100,000 calculator project but at that point we’re talking a full-on web app (which I’m open to as well - haha).