Earn an extra $25 this week (This week's challenge)


Okay guys! Onto the 4th installment of our $100 Richer Month mini-challenges! If you’ve been following along, you’ve now invested an extra $25, saved an extra $25, and then paid off an extra $25 of your debt.

One last $25 mission to go to get us to that $100 net worth increase!

This week’s mission: Earn an extra $25!

  • Hawk something on Craigslist or Ebay or on a local Facebook group
  • Find a quick side hustle you can rock this week! (Wash a car? Mow a lawn? Babysit?)
  • Ask people who owe you money to pay you back finally (hah!)
  • Take up a collection :slight_smile:

Doesn’t matter how you get it, just earn it and put it right into savings/investments so it counts.

Give us a quick “I’m in!” so we know you are with us!


Does it count if I made money in the stock market? But I also sold a table on craigslist and now my house is less cluttered. $75!!


I’d say it all counts! Money is money, right?


I listed a old entertainment center on Craigslist and another item on ebay. Hopefully they both sell and will help clear up garage for future projects.