Cool Designs For Cycling, climbing, & outdoor sports enthusiasts


Besides my blog, my other side hustle is creating graphic designs, mostly for outdoor sports enthusiasts. I specialize in cycling, climbing, skiing & snowboarding, and paddling sports. Here are a few of my designs. I have around 400 designs in all and mainly sell on Redbubble, Teepublic, and Zazzle. I also have some of my designs on Cafepress and a small Amazon Merch Store.

Tide-Ride2-alt-lowres colorado flag bike-lowres mountains please colory-lowres yosemite wood-greentext-final-lowres moab climbing carabiner-lowres

All of these sites sell designs on t-shirts and will have different prices and ongoing sales so if you like one of my designs in particular be sure to check it out on each site to see which might be the best price. Most sites also sell on coffee mugs, smartphone cases, stickers etc. Zazzle will put a design on literally thousands of products!

If you like one of my designs and choose to buy it on something, I get a small commission. The site handles all inventory, shipping etc.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy my stuff. If you’re not into these sports but you know someone who might enjoy them please pass along - THANKS!


A couple questions:

  1. So do you charge for the logo creation or do you give those for free and make your money when a product with them on it is produced?

  2. Do you create logos/do any other graphic work separate from this?

  1. Most print-on-demand sites work the same. You can upload artwork free and you make a royalty when someone buys a product with your design. The beauty of these sites is that you don’t have to house inventory, do shipping, or run/operate a website. They have the site with the huge amount of eyeballs, you just leverage that. They’re using me for artwork, I’m using them for everything else.

  2. I currently don’t do custom work. I’ve debated it and am not against it per se, but once I start doing custom work the hobby switches from very passive to more active (a job). Another beauty of the POD sites is that it’s very very passive - upload a design whenever you choose, or not. Unlike a blog which demands constant posting and attention, I can stop uploading work on these sites and keep making money. I still make money on Zazzle from designs I uploaded in 2010!