Chicago FIRE - MEET UP TODAY! February 24 at 4pm in Rosemont


No worries, just watch this topic for the next one!


Have to work that day but can stop by for a little while around 5. Looking forward to seeing everyone.


I am planning on coming tomorrow - wanted to make sure this is still happening :slight_smile:


Yeah, girl - Still on!!


See you guys soon!!


Thanks for setting this up @MissMazuma! We had a great time! Looking forward to our next get together!


Did anyone take pics???


So glad you guys made it out!! See you soon!!


Nope - too many people in our group are anonymous. What happens at the Chicago FIRE meetups stays at the Chicago FIRE meetups. :wink:

BUT, I do have a request… As the new main man here at RSF, I am suggesting RSF logo tshirts!! It would sure make it easier for new peeps to find us at those meetups or to find their tribe at FinCon, the grocery store, library, bank, on a random beach in Hawaii, etc. You get the gist!


I’ll add that to our list – have already been thinking about them for Fin Con…maybe I need to move that up.

We do have a couple changes you’ll see soon that would impact t-shirt design, that’s why we haven’t done it sooner.


Super fun. Thanks for organizing! :metal: