Chicago FIRE Meet Up - April 28! Join us!


Hey All! I am on the flight back from CampFi Mid Atlantic and our friend @LaurenT said she’s ready to host us at her casa for the next meet up!! Sorry for the last minute planning but please join us if you can…

WHEN: Saturday, April 28 at 4pm

WHERE: 253 E Delaware Place, Chicago IL, 60611 (tell the doorman you are there for Lauren)

WHY: Because hanging out with money nerds is FUN!!

As usual, we are planning a potluck style meet up. Bring an app for 10-15 and whatever you are drinking. There is always plenty to go around!! Please RSVP here when you have the chance so we know how many to expect.

Parking is a clusterfuck in that area. If you would like to park in Lauren’s building, it is $7 for 6 hours. Contact her directly to save a spot (!!


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@dan.turcza - come join us!!


Doh! We won’t be able to make this one. All three of my girls birthday’s (wife and 2 girls) fall in this area and we are doing a slumber party this weekend for their birthday. (go me, HELP!!!) Hope you guys have fun!


So bummed!! We will raise a glass in your honor. :slight_smile:


I’m in!


I’m in! Thanks for organizing/hosting.


Bumping this because the ChooseFI FB group is putting the RSFF group to shame with their RSVP’s!! Where my RSFF Chicago peeps??? Come one, come all… :slight_smile:


So, I pulled some strings and I think I might be able to sneak out for this one! The party is actually Friday night, I just wanted to be sure we didn’t schedule too much for the weekend. My wife said it shouldn’t be a problem so I should be out but my wife won’t be able to make it.