Best Spam Blocker?


Hi All,

My last spam blocker was coming up as an error for people when they were trying to comment from their phones, so I removed it. I have since been just deleting all spam manually so that everyone has a chance to comment, but now I’m (of course) getting over-run by hundreds of spam comments a day.

When I tried to implement one of those “smart spam blockers”, it ended up blocking regular people and marking them as bots…so I wasn’t a big fan of that either.

Does anyone still use the good ol’ “check this box if you’re not a robot” spam blocker? What’s it called? Seems like the best solutions to my problem right now.

If there’s anything drastically better, what is it and why??






I use Akismet to combat comment spam in combination with WPBruiser to combat spam email sign-ups and brute force attacks.


Hey Derek,

Akismet has also worked well for me. I have to manually review less than one comment per week.



Signed up and using it! Let’s see how it does. Thanks!


It’s the standard. :slight_smile:


Chiming in for Akisment. I think Wordpress now suggests it when you start bc I have no clue how I had it installed on my website haha.


It’s a little embarrassing not knowing the standard spam tool…but it’s just not my main focus these days. Seems like such a waste of time to mess with, but by not asking I was wasting even more time dealing with all that spam!

Seems like Akismet is doing an awesome job so far. Saweeet! Saving me 10 minutes already tonight!


I’m sure in a year or two there will be some super standard blogging tool everyone is using that I am not too! Technology moves so fast! And I had no clue that Akismet was even the software that stopped all the spam until someone else mentioned it. I was feeling bad no one was sending me comments and emails about SEO :P.


I would just be saying that thing everybody else has already said.