Anyone trying to beat the market this year?!


I set a particular level per time depending on the market situation. My goal may be to attain 20% returns. Once I hit that, I sell and find another opportunity


To be fair, the HF in question was a fund of funds, so the fees amounted to 5% at best, probably 6%+ at worst - hard to see most HFs beating the market by that range. Most HFs charge 2 and 20 (2% of AUM and 20% of gains), so the investors were getting charged fees squared. A bit odd these people would think this was ok as they all had to be qualified investors (250k+ salary or 1M in assets).

When the PM took on Buffett, it was kinda hysterical, we wondered if he was doing it for the marketing (but it’s bad, right?) or because he truly believed in himself. Very odd.


A simple strategy to ‘beat the market’ was outlined by Mike Taylor (CIO of Pie Funds) - I wrote a short blog piece on it called beat the experts but essentially if you invest incrementally more when the market moves down (e.g. through an index fund) you’re certain to outperform the market over the very long term. I like the idea of overlaying this strategy on DCA.


Sorry to hear that @zendancer. Feel bad for all the holders (and employees.

I picked it up during the dividend cut announcement. They have their work cut out for them and it will take years, if it even works.


Not me - the beat the market mentality doesn’t resonate. I want to be a partial owner in companies who ethics I agree with and whose dividends supplements my income. That is good enough and I don’t worry about it. Beating the market strikes me as a distraction ones focus on - saving rates, expenses and margin of safety (which index funds deliver) .


I’ll take on this bet. I showcase my portfolio at the end/beginning of every month on my site.

My holdings are as follow:
Apple ($AAPL)
American Express ($AXP)
Berkshire Hathaway ($BRK.B)
Cintas ($STAS)
Coca-Cola ($KO)
Square ($SQ)
Visa ($V)
Waste Management ($WM)

Fairly optimistic with what I got


maybe - i’m considering doing the options things. currently doing research on it.

unless i drastically beat the market, it’s not going to matter much for my total investments because the vast majority is in the beloved VTSAX. beating the market is just with fun money that won’t kill me if i lose it.