9 to 5 job, no bueno! I'm new here!


Hello All,

My name is Charlie and I’m in debt. Done with intro! hahaha

I’m a full-time accountant by day and a part-time finance blogger by night. I have been exploring different ways to build an online business and make money on the side for the last 5 years!

Right now I am so focused on creating wealth for the long term while trying to pay off my $86k student loan. Being in debt sucks and it’s very stressful. In addition to that, I hate working at a corporate office due to office politics. Most importantly, I want to spend more time with family and friends. The 9 to 5 job sucks and I want to get out of it.

So, I’ve created SideMoneyNation.com to create an empire and teach others how to make money online.

I have been following a few finance bloggers and hopefully I can make more!


Welcome to the fold!

Update: checked out your site…quite visually appealing!


Welcome to the club! Cool site, though you have a typo right there on your homepage: “Since we can’t we all…”

There might be an extra “we” in there. :slight_smile:




Hey Steve! Thank you for noticing that. It’s funny how I missed that when the homepage is the first thing I see everyday…lol




Thank you for visiting! I wanted a blog that stands out and I’m glad that you liked it.