#1 Most Effective Driver Of Blog Traffic?


I’m pretty new at this whole blogging thing so I wanted to poll the community. If you could choose only one single thing method of bringing in traffic, what would it be? SEO? Social media? Business cards/word of mouth?..What is the most effective method?


I don’t think there is simply one thing that’s always the best at driving traffic.

If you’re new at blogging and want some thoughts from someone who’s done it a bit longer, check out this series:


Ideally, search engine traffic will be your #1. But you’re going to need time, backlinks, and some attention to SEO – at least use the free Yoast SEO plugin and use some keywords.

Social media can be good, but it takes effort, too. This is what referral traffic has looked like this week. Lots from Reddit based on one post that I had nothing to do with, although I did comment once I noticed the traffic coming in.

My best tips: https://www.physicianonfire.com/blog-tips/


Yeah, I have the Yoast plugin installed. I try to make sure everything is good in that area. I could work on my social media and Reddit efforts though…Nice numbers by the way! I’d like to see some traffic like that on my page! Thanks for the advice.

I’ve visted your site many times. Great info!


For me, it’s Google (search engines) which is about 5 to 50 times higher than every other referrer…


Good stuff. Thanks for sharing. Enjoyed the ESI series and I’m going to get that plugin ASAP.


One could only dream of having traffic like that.


I’ve seen so many bloggers come in and flop hard, and I’ve seen massive success stories. On this forum too. Driving a traffic is by no means a perfect system and you should NEVER put all your eggs in the same basket for longer than necessary. Once you’ve mastered one platform and got some traffic behind you, then find a way to increase your streams of traffic on different platforms. Google, Facebook, writing answers on Quora, making great pins on Pinterest, various forums, whatever you need to do to get as many sources of traffic as possible, because you never know when you could take a hit with Google, Facebook or Pinterest update


I had to take whole year to beat @PoF :slight_smile:

More about possible traffic sources adn tips here: https://selleratheart.com/promote-blog-0-to100-k-views-6-months/


While my traffic is a looong ways from @PoF, Google search has become far and away my top source of traffic. It makes up 60-75% of my traffic on any given day. But it wasn’t always like that, it’s come from 18 months of building backlinks, optimizing posts, reoptimizing my top posts. Once you get even a few posts to rank on the top couple pages of Google however, it starts to take care of itself. : )


This is another reason to write regularly. Each post is a soldier that goes out there and fights for your site to be ranked in Google. If you post once a week, that’s 52 soldiers a year. If you post three times a week that’s 156 soldiers a year.

Year after year those stats build up and the person who writes good content at a decent pace builds up a formidable army.


Love that analogy, @ESIMoney.


Me, too. That’s a great way to think about it @ESIMoney!


I just launched my blog in January, but I’m steadily increasing my traffic. Google is between 30-50% of my traffic on any given day, and Pinterest comes in a close second. I’m working on growing my email list and trying not to focus on vanity metrics as it’s the quality of followers that matters most.


I wonder: at what point do you start getting lots of backlinks that you don’t even know about? I mean in the sense of a large site like Forbes or something like that, which must get hundreds (or thousands) of links every day. Is there an approximate threshold on Alexa or Moz, when you start seeing this phenomenon?


you can always search your backlinks using google search console (also called google webmaster tools)


This should go on a plaque for all bloggers out there lol. Deep @ESIMoney


Do you mean when do links really just start coming in naturally from big sites?

There can be a bit of a tipping point where you have a large enough audience that your regular promotion will attract decent links. Whether this is through an email list or social followers, getting the word out can bring links you weren’t expecting.

Then there’s also the links you get when you’re already ranking near the top of Google. People will look up a term for a source to link to. That’s part of what makes it harder to get into the top 3, you’re battling an established post that continues to get links due to its search ranking.


Thanks David,

Is there a way to filter out the “nofollow” links easily?


Not sure. If you check your domain authority on moz, it should show you your links, and they make it easy to see if its a nofollow